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Teachings of Bhagwan Gopinath

Bhagwan Gopinath (3 July 1898 – 28 May 1968), born Gopinath Bhan, also called Bhagwan Gopinath Ji, was a mystic saint of early 20th century in Kashmir in Northern Part of India. He has been called a jivanmukta (liberated soul) and his spiritual state has been described as Shambhavi avastha (state of Shiva). Contemporary Saints of his times have also called him an Aghoreshwar. It was sometimeContinue reading “Teachings of Bhagwan Gopinath”

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Essence Of Life in Brief

Thought of writing a Post on Essence Of Life which is very well narrated in a Hindi Song from the Movie “ Sant Gyaneshwar”: Why are you becoming Ignorant? Who are you , where are you Going? Self Realize. Each moment of life is ticking, why are you being egoistic? Sing Praises of God ,Continue reading “Essence Of Life in Brief”

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