Time Management

Time Management is very very important, Like an Exam which needs to be completed with the best possible efforts from our end, Life also has a limited timeframe within which we need to do maximum good things as per our best ability. Thus time management becomes of paramount importance since we need to manage and do all the things which we ought within a certain time frame, we need to sleep tentatively around 6-7 hrs in a day and rest around 17-18 hours we need to manage them judiciously, likewise Time we also have finite or limited energy with us and that too needs to be managed judiciously. We also needs to prioritize things in Life on daily basis and need to divide them on the basis of our priorities, daily we should have sufficient time for most important things like morning and evening prayer and thankfulness to God, talking to yourself and understanding what makes you happy meaning love what you do, helping the needy and showing compassion towards them, spending some quality time with Family and of course spending quality and not quantity time in Office  besides always having sufficient time in between for Meals. Keep a daily to Do List and try to do most important and demanding tasks first thing in the morning  when you are energetic and full of zeal. Try to put a time limit on tasks like you do while preparing for the Topics of the exams and also while answering questions in Exams. While working on tasks take sufficient breaks also in between so that you are never exhausted or worn out. Also in between Learn to say No so that you don’t have to waste time on unimportant things in Life. Be organized in Life and manage things accordingly, don’t overburden yourself and set daily realistic goals which are achievable and improvise day by day and keep on bettering yourself in setting daily goals and achieving them. Make good use of Technologies available to you like cell phones, laptops etc but don’t let the Technology be a distraction instead it should be effective in helping you manage your time judiciously. In the end safely conclude that daily I have a limited time and it is important that daily we have sufficient time for most important and urgent work and we need to set highest priorities to them, afterwards we need to spend time on secondary activities which are important but not urgent and lastly if we still time is  left then we can spend it as a leisure time, in this way on daily basis we will always have time for important and urgent work and as a result our Productivity will always be excellent. Thus with good Time Management we will have a very Balanced Life wherein we will be noticed for good work in Office and also will spend Quality Time with Family besides having time for yourself.

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