How to be a Good Father

Hope all of you are being safe and healthy.

Being a good father is not something which can be very well defined and qualifying for a Good Father doesnt happen overnight, however there are some good characteristics which normally qualify for being a Good Father.

First of all it is very important that a Father spends some time with his children, it is not important that a Father should spend daily hours with his children but whatever time he spends should be a Quality Time, the Time which is totally dedicated to his children however less it might be.

A Father should be like a True Friend to his children , someone to whom his children can rely on , confide on without slightest of doubt, it should be so strong and your Children should feel that you are in safe hands of your father.

To be a good father you should be a good Listener, listen to what your child has to say and listen to your childs with concentration as if those words mean everything to you.

As a good father you should teach your children important Life qualities: like to be compassionate, helpful and honest, your children should find a Role Model in you as a Father. Support your child in decision making so that he/she can feel liberated.

As a father you should also earn the right to be listened to, whenever you talk to your children there should be a proper communication channel between both of you.

Lastly as a Good Father you should teach your children how to concentrate and for that you should first know how to concentrate which means single centric approach.

Thanks all and have a Great Day ahead.

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