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Introspection is delving deep inside your own consciousness and examining your own mental state.

Whenever we try to correct some one and give your own suggestions most of times the response comes to us is : why dont you introspect yourself, which is absolutely right, we humans generally have the tendency to find fault in others and always try to correct others by giving suggestions, advise etc but never try to introspect deep within ourselves and never feel the need to correct ourselves , most of times we are in fault finding or complaining mode but never feel the need or urge to correct ourselves. Introspection is a great source of personal knowledge, it can make us understand ourselves better and help us make corrections wherever required, introspecting within us also helps us eliminate superiority complex which most of us have and also aids in improvising ourselves, after all no one is perfect in this world and the moment we introspect and understand the need to change in certain quarters we will become a totally different person for Good.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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