Lockdown: What are we missing

Hope everyone is taking utmost precautions to stay Safe and Healthy.

The term Lockdown is something which everyone is talking about nowadays and it has become synonymous to Present World but why exactly is this term creating so much negativity in everyone’s mind, first and foremost we need to realise and understand that our thoughts and mind can never ever be locked down, our thought process never ever ends.

Our Thoughts always travel Far and Wide, so what exactly are we missing in the current scenario.

Today we are spending more than enough time with our families, we are spending quality time with our children which we rarely used to do, we have realised our hidden skills like cooking, washing and cleaning. Infact today by staying indoors we have just enough time for everything.

Precisely and ideally this is what we should have been doing but instead earlier we were spending our quality time on not so important things and we were not realising that we dont have unlimited time at our disposal.

If we analyze deeply Lockdown has given us more takeaways and given us sufficient time to rethink and regroup our lives and make desired corrections. Lockdown has made us think more positively and made us do paradigm shift in our Priorities of Life.

Work from Home has become a new norm now, we have adapted to only venturing out when it is absolutely necessary, Luxuries have taken a backseat and so on and so forth.

Lockdown has also taught us to be in harmony with Nature, understand we are just a small part of Mother Nature and cannot be its tormentor.

Finally i hope Lockdown has made us more wiser and has given us sufficient time to think deep down about what we shoulde be passionate about and what we should care less about.

Thanks and Stay Safe and Healthy

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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