Happiness and Peace of Mind

Hope everyone around the World is taking utmost precautions to stay Safe and Healthy.

In the Current Scenario of Pandemic unabated, thought of writing something on “Happiness and Peace of Mind”

Happiness and Peace of Mind  are states everyone always strives for yet it alludes some of us most of the times.

Happiness can be used both in the the context of mental or emotional states as well as subjective well being. Happiness can be  both internal as well as an external experience.

Happiness is however not  a permanent  feature. Simply put Happiness is a state of being happy, it is a more stable state than pleasure which is more of in the moment experience. Happiness  can be equated with contentment.

 You can get Happiness either from material objects, ego gratification or doing good for others.

At the lower level you can get happiness through momentary feelings of Joy and at higher level you can get happiness by establishing higher purpose in life and utilizing ones maximum potential.

We should always strive for happiness at higher level since this happiness will have a long lasting effect , that is why it becomes imperative to have some higher purpose of Life.

Even though it is virtually impossible to be always happy since there will always be ups and downs in life but if we understand our passion and realize our higher purpose of Life we will be happy most of the times.

So why is happiness alluding us most of the times  even though  we have lots of luxuries and comforts  at our disposal?? Answer probably is that we are never satisfied or contended with whatever we have, we always want to strive for more , more and more, as a result we are more driven by the result of the outcome rather than  the purpose to excel.

It is true that todays Luxury becomes tomorrow’s necessity but somewhere down the line we need to put a comma or full stop to it and  need to have a balance in Life and stay contended.

The Current Pandemic has taught us some  bitter lessons and hopefully once this is over we will be more realistic and will be able to find happiness which is more long lasting.

Peace of Mind is closely related to Happiness. Peace of Mind  is mental state of calmness, a freedom from worry and anxiety. Once we will achieve state of happiness which is more long lasting  we generally will have more peace of mind since we will have less to worry or be anxious about.

In short easier said than done let us just hope that Happiness and Peace of Mind  prevails and let all of us have happiness and peace of mind which is long lasting.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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