Habits and Gunas

“Champions are not just born; champions can be made when they embrace and commit to life changing positive habits.”- Lewis Howes

Well thought of writing something on Habits and Gunas.It is quite true that good positive habits can greatly shape our lives but i also believe that adopting new good habits is not an easy task as well. Personally i feel that if you really want to excel to higher level as a person you should drop habits word itself from your daily routine and instead concentrate on Gunas.

Guna in Hinduism can be translated as quality, attribute, property.As per Hinduism Guna is one of three: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universalism, holism, construction, creativity, positivity, peacefulness, virtue and so on.

Rajas is the quality of passion, activity, self-centeredness, egoism, individualization, and dynamism.

Tamas is the quality of imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, impurity, destruction, delusion, negativity, dullness or inactivity, apathy, inertia or lethargy, violence, viciousness, and ignorance.

As per Bhagavad Gita,

“Sometimes goodness (sattva) prevails over passion (rajas) and ignorance (tamas), O scion of Bharat. Sometimes passion (rajas) dominates goodness (sattva) and ignorance (tamas), and at other times ignorance (tamas) overcomes goodness (sattva) and passion (rajas)”.

In short all the three Gunas are present in our mind and at different times single Guna takes precedence over others, however, most of the times we oscillate between rajas and tamas gunas but our sole aim should be to have sattva gunas most of the times and we should continuously strive for that.

Our scriptures say that whatever we eat greatly influence our Gunas whether Sattva, Rajas or Tamas.

Finally once we reach a point wherein we have Sattva Gunas within us most of the times we wont have to worry about adopting new good habits and all, we will automatically reach a level wherein Good Positive Habits will normally be part of our daily routine. Just keep on improvising yourself.

Stay Safe, Positive and Healthy.

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