Inspirational Quotes from Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

“Different people call on God by different names: some as Allah, some as God, and others as Krishna, Siva, and Brahman. It is like the water in a lake. Some drink it at one place and call it ‘Jal’, others at another place and call it ‘Pani’, and still others at a third place and call it ‘Water’. The Hindus call it ‘Jal’, the Christians ‘Water’, and the Muslims ‘Pani’. But it is one and the same thing.”

“One can ascend to the top of a house by means of a ladder or a bamboo or a staircase or a rope; so too, diverse are the ways of approaching God, and each religion in the world shows one of the ways.A truely religious man should think that other religions are also so many paths leading to the Truth. One should always maintain an attitude of respect towards other religions.”

“There are pearls in the deep sea, but you must hazard all perils to get them. If you fail to get at them by a single dive, do not conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again, and you are sure to be rewarded in the end. So also in the quest for the Lord, if your first attempt to see Him proves fruitless, do not lose heart. Persevere in the attempt, and you are sure to realise Him at last.”

“As a lamp does not burn without oil, so a man cannot live without God.”

“That which you think, you should speak. Let there be harmony between your thought and word. Otherwise, if you merely say that God is your all in all, while in your mind you have made the world your all in all, you cannot derive any benefit.”

“Knowledge leads to unity; ignorance to diversity.”

“When God is realised, the world never appears empty. He who has attained Him sees that the Lord Himself has become all these—the universe and its creatures.”

“Disease is the tax which the soul pays for the body, as the tenant pays houserent for the use of the house.”

“As you pray to God for devotion, so also pray that you may not find fault with anyone.”

“Once a person has faith, he has achieved everything.”

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