My Son taught me something Nice

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Yesterday after having Dinner and before going to bed i was having a Casual Walk with my son, we were discussing about different things, i was telling him what differentiates us from animals, i told him that we use more logic and reason, we have the inner urge to ask “Why” in everything around us which animals do not have even though lots of us do not try to go into “Why” of things, besides i told him that we can meditate upon God and when we understand our true nature we understand our real relationship with God, we do prayers, we go to Mandirs, Mosques, Churches and all to show our love for God which animals do not do,however, i was rather astonished when my Son answered that how do we know that animals do not meditate upon God? It is true that they dont build Mandirs, Mosques and Churches but how can we say with certainity that they dont meditate upon God, deep within themselves they might also be meditating upon God which we dont understand.

Infact some animals have sixth sense which is better than Humans, we might be better than Animals in Hard Skills but we still have lots to learn from some animals in terms of Soft Skills or Life Skills.Infact we might have advanced so much but still Millions of Humans die of Hunger and Poverty every year unlike animals.

As a matter of fact we have a lot to learn from animals and the common notion that we have built around us that we are superior beings and lucky to be born as Humans might be just a Myth. Afterall Creator has created all the Millions of Creatures and God does not differentiate.

Thanks and Stay Safe and Healthy

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

6 thoughts on “My Son taught me something Nice

  1. So sweet of your son..he is right. How old is he? Animals too is praying their only prayers. There is a story of a yogi crow Bhoosunda in Yogavasishta. He is a chiranjeevi crow who is always in meditation

  2. Your son is very bright! The observation regarding hunger and poverty, whether you or son son’s is so astute. If mankind is not contaminating or interfering in some way, the animals existence can progress very nicely indeed!. I do admire our children’s minds. Thank You for sharing!

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