Remembering my Mom

On 2nd April 2018, my Mom passed away to be in the abode of the almighty. Post that there has not been a single day in my life when I have not remembered her, I exactly don’t have words to describe but the love and affection which a mother shares with her children(s) is unparalleled. My Mom always showered on me so much love and I was extremely close to her and I considered myself so much lucky to have a Mom like her.

With a Glance, she could catch what was going through my mind and without a slightest of doubt i could confide everything in her.

I remember the daily evenings which I used to spend with her and she was always full of Life and Zeal. She used to enjoy every moment of her life, she was full of positivity. She lived life with no regrets and enjoyed almost every moment she had in her kitty.

Sadly in the year 2011, she was diagnosed with CML(Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia), a form of blood cancer which required oral medications, she did not require ChemoTherapy. We hid the disease from her(told her she had some other problem) because we did not want her to have any sort of worries. Post that she was always regular in taking her cancer medicines and do the necessary blood tests.

Despite all the health issues stacked against her she always stayed positive and full of life. In Dec 2017 she was further diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, terminal illness and now she had little time left as conveyed to us by the Doctors, despite the deadly disease she never looked sad or depressed. She always stayed full of life, energy and positivity. We tried desperately to save her but could not.

Unfortunately in the last around two weeks of her time due to advancement of the disease she went into a stage of semi coma wherein we could not communicate to her nor could she.

I just wished in her last moments I could have told her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me but sadly could not.

My Message to everyone around is that you should consider yourself fortunate to have a Mom who is besides you.Cherish and enjoy every moment with her, she will always love you unconditionally and so do you.

Stay Safe and Healthy

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29 thoughts on “Remembering my Mom

  1. Your post is a great tribute to your mother. My mother passed in 2005 and I miss her everyday. Even though we can’t communicate with them in their final moments, they know how much we love them. May she Rest In Peace.

  2. Sorry for your loss..In every each and every words In the post I can feel the depth of your love for her ..this post is a beautiful gift where you can cherish her memories..may she Rest In Peace

  3. I too miss my mom still now at the age of 55 years , my mom passed away by june 19th 2014 . I can understand ur feelings very well . Our mothers blessings will be there for us always .

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. My mom and I are very close as well and I make it a point to remind her every time I talk to her, see her, or message her that I love her more than words could ever say and there’s no end to the appreciation I have for her. Because I never know when it will be the last time I ever talk to her. Thank you so much for your post. And I believed she knew how much you loved her. It’s been seen that when someone is in a coma, they can hear everything that goes on around them. They just aren’t able to respond. So, when you told her that you loved her as she lay in her sick bed, she heard every word. I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine your pain. Know that we send thoughts and prayers your way!

      1. Yes! She is in a much better place than we are and I can imagine how you miss her. I’m almost 50 years old and I know that when my mom’s time comes, I’m going to feel lost without her.

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