Duality of Creation: Analysis

The basic principle of Creation is Duality.If one knows pleasure, one must know pain as well.One who is aware of heat must also be for cold. If Creation had manifested only pleasure or only sorrow;only heat or only cold;human beings would not be victims of duality, however, life would be like a montone existence, some contrast is necessary.

It is man’s response or reaction to dualities that is the cause of his Troubles.As long as a man is influenced by dualities, he lives under influence of changeful phenomenal world.

Man’s expressing as likes and dislikes , are entirely responsible for bondage of soul to body and earthly environment.

The psychological twins, man’s feelings of pleasure and pain, have a common parent which is Desire.Fulfilled desire is pleasure, contradicted desire is pain.

Desire emanates from contact with the objects of the senses.Expressing as likes and dislikes, desire creeps into consciousness of those who are not watchful enough in governing reaction to various experiences in the world. Attachment to pleasure or aversion to pain both destroy the equilibrium of inner nature.

Recognizing the inseparability of opposites, pleasures being temporary , are harbingers of pain.The holy Bhagavad Gita teaches that excitation of pleasures should be avoided just like one seeks to avoid unpleasantness of pain. For an advancing practitioner when feeling is neutralized towards both opposites does he rise above all suffering.In order to attain mental aboveness,a wise man must consistently practise a neutral attitude to all earthly changes.Even with neutral attitude life can be enjoyed on the basis of plain Logic.

The mind , free of artificial excitation, should remain centered in its native state of inner peace and soul joy.

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