Ultimate Purpose of Human Births

“We all are born not to be born again”

We as humans have different duties and responsibilities, duties and responsibilities as a father, a son, a husband, a brother and as a Citizen . We try to act responsibly towards our duties and responsibilities, we want to give best comforts to ourselves and our closed ones, be compassionate and help the needy. There is nothing wrong with all this, however,  the question arises is the Ultimate purpose to human birth to have material possessions, popularity and all? According to me the Answer to this is a Big No. Based on our various  professions our primary duties will vary but God has not made any distinction in terms of ultimate purpose of all Human Births. The ultimate purpose of all Human Births is finally for the Soul to dissolve or merge with the Spirit or the Ultimate.

To understand this better let us help to make a distinction between a Soul and a Spirit.

The Spirit is ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new omnipresent Joy and Bliss, the soul is the individualized reflection of ever –existing, ever conscious, ever-new Joy and Bliss, confined within the body of each and every being. Though incarnate, the soul belongs to the noumenal region, which does not vary (Noumen is an object or event that exists independently of human sense or perception). All material forms belong to the regions of phenomena; their very nature being alienated from Spirit, they change constantly. Worldly men do not know what the soul is, or how it comes into the physical body, and then after a short journey, to what destiny, it goes.

Even though the bodies of man are mortal and changeable, immortal is the soul within them. However, man has three bodies from which he must free his consciousness before he can achieve the ultimate or final emancipation. These are the physical body, the astral body and the causal body.

The physical body is made of blood and flesh, the astral body is composed of life force and mind, and the causal body is woven together with wisdom and ever new joy and bliss. Origin of God is in the form of Causal body.

Thirty-five ideas define the matrix of Human Creation. These ideas are basically thought forces needed to create an astral and physical body.

Nineteen of these ideas were manifested as a subtle astral body which comprises of ten senses further subdivided into two which are five entrance senses that feed our mind with information of the external world: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch(skin); five exit senses that function as our means of outward expression: mouth, hands, feet, genitals and rectum. Further we have five types of life forces, which includes: prana (inward moving energy), apana (outward moving energy), vyana ( circulation of energy), udana (energy of head and throat), and samana (digestion and assimilation).

Remaining sixteen of these ideas were converted into gross physical body of sixteen elements comprising of Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium and so on.

The physical body is dependent on food; astral body on energy, will and evolution of thought; the causal body is dependent on food of wisdom and bliss. The Soul is encased in these three bodies. At death, physical body is destroyed. However, other two bodies; astral and causal are still held together by unfulfilled desires and unworked out Karma. The Soul wearing these two bodies, repeatedly reincarnates in new physical or gross forms. Finally when all Desires are conquered by Meditation (Love of God), the three body prisons are completely dissolved, and Soul Becomes Spirit.

In short, continuous cycle of births and deaths ends and Soul gets merged with the Ultimate Spirit or Super Soul.

In ordinary death based on bondage, the soul of man merely changes its residence or changes its clothes; and in final death in liberty, the Soul merges and expands into the Spirit, at home in Infinity and Divinity!.

Always remember the Truth that Self is reflected Spirit-Immortality, ever itself and free from the sea of change.

Bhagavad  Gita emphasizes following Self Qualities: It is unborn, though born in a body; it is eternal, though its bodily dwelling is impermanence: it is changeless, though it may experience change; it is ever the same, though in the long pathway of reincarnation which Ultimately leads to God or the Ultimate, the Soul appears in countless forms; the Soul does not die when the body dies: and even after dissolving into Spirit, it does not lose its identity and will exist unto everlastingness.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Positive.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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  1. I like all the definitions. You’ve explained so well. Especially the distinction between the spirit and soul plus the different bodies we have merging all the concepts into a beautiful flow that explains reincanations and purpose perfectly. Thank you and be blessesfor sharing this post.

  2. Amazing piece. I really appreciate your faith on the soul-consciousness-system. Extremely scientific and apt. This piece, puts in a nutshell, the whole of “our” existence.

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