Thankful to each of my Followers

Today i reached a small milestone of 500 Followers for my Blog and i am quite delighted with that. I wish to thank each and everyone from the core of my Heart who has been following my Blog and have appreciated my Posts. The Journey so far has been quite nice, i have never ever written blogs in my Life earlier and one fine day in the month of June this year i thought of starting my Blog and within a span of few days my Blogging Journey started. I have a very strong faith in God and believe we all have something to offer to the Humanity as a whole and Bhagavad Gita is my inspiration, i am a student of Life and infact i believe if we really want to grow in Life we should always remain a student and continue to have a learning frame of mind. Life will keep on testing us with different exams and we should be prepared for each and every exam of Life. Once again i am thankful to each one of you who have appreciated my posts, your valuable inputs will continue to inspire me.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Positive

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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  1. ashishkoul123, thank you for following Tubularsock. “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

    Tubularsock appreciates your interest.

    Tubularsock will be following your work as well. We are ALL one.

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