Main energies of the Supreme Lord and Yogmaya

The Supreme Lord comprises of Infinite energies,however, there are three main energies amongst infinite energies of the Supreme Lord.These three main energies are :

  1. Yogmaya (The Divine Energy or God’s all powerful energy)
  2. Maya (Material Energy): Earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect and ego- these are eight components of material energy of the Supreme Lord. This is the inferior energy of the Supreme Lord.
  3. Jiva Shakti (The Soul Energy): This energy comprises the embodied souls who are the basis of life in this world. This is the superior energy of the Supreme Lord.

By virtue of Yogmaya, Supreme Lord manifests his divine pastimes, love bliss and abode.

By Yogmaya power, Supreme Lord descends in the world and manifests his divine pastimes on Earth plane.By the same Yogmaya Power, Supreme Lord keeps himself in veil from us. Even though Supreme Lord is seated in hearts of all living entities, due to our limited perception we are not able to realize and understand his presence within us.Yogmaya keeps Supreme Lord’s divinity obscured from us, until we reach the eligibility of his Divine Vision. When the Yogmaya power graces us, it is only then that we get the divine vision to see and recognize God.Only those whose hearts have been purified can know God by his divine grace.

Yogmaya power is both formless and in form. It manifests in personal form as Radha, Sita, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Parvati etc. These are all divine forms of Yogmaya energy or power and revered as Mother of Universe. They radiate motherly qualities of compassion, tenderness, forgiveness, grace and causeless love.More importantly for us, Yogmaya power bestows divine grace upon the soul and grants it the transcedental knowledge by which it can know and understand God.

Yogmaya power performs both functions- it hides God from souls who are not yet eligible enough, and bestows divine grace upon surrendered souls who have reached the eligible levels and thus can know and understand God.

Those who keep their backs towards God are covered by Maya and hence devoid of divine grace of Yogmaya.Those who keep their faces towards God come under shelter of Yogmaya and consequently get released from the clutches of Maya.

Inspired by the ” Bhagavad Gita” the song of the God.

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