There has to be a Creator

There are more than 2 Billion people in the world who do not believe in any religion and do not believe in any creator; here i am not trying to debate with those people but i just want to ask them : Don’t they ever feel that there is something around us like in Nature; in Universe; which just seems so perfect and which no Science has been able to correctly establish e.g: There is a perfect distance between Sun and Earth so that Living Entities can thrive and so on; Science cannot establish how some people are born prodigies and so on. In short whether some believe or not there has to be a Creator and people confuse religions with belief systems which is not true ; religions talk about absolute truth or Higher Laws for which you require sound knowledge to understand those Laws.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

8 thoughts on “There has to be a Creator

  1. To me it is obvious there is a creator a being who is all knowing life forms did not just appear on the Earth or elsewhere. There are Divine Laws which should be adhered to, these are for all not just a few so everything is fair. Science really does not have any answers to the puzzle God created it is beyond their thinking and understanding.

  2. This to me sits along side the question of “Life After Death.” I have a friend who categorically believes that there is no LAD. I on the other hand believe there is something. My reasoning for this is that if there is nothing at the end, then what is the point of going through life, learning and developing? An interesting post.

  3. Who or what created “the creator”? Our minds? Did it evolve or did it just suddenly exist? If there is a creator, then thought existed before matter. There are universal laws that are generally adhered to, but there are exceptions too. There is both order in the universe and chaos at once. Few things in life are fair. Cancer is not fair. If science fiction writer El Ron Hubbard can have a legitimately accepted religion, then for me, the most valid concept of religion would be that of Jedi and “the force” from Star Wars. A story written by man …. as is the good book. While most religions espouse peace and harmony, they are historically one of the biggest causes of war, persecution, suffering and control of people on the planet. If there is a God, he’s mad.

    1. Yes thought or idea came before matter, if we look around creation it comprises of something which is well before creation and then something which is subject to change and something which is manufactured or created.

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