Agents of Change and Purusha

The Supreme Lord Krishna says that all changes happening within you and in nature are because of agents of change.Lets us get into the details.

All living beings are born out of union of Purusha (Self) and Prakarti.

Prakarti: Prakarti is the field, the changes in the field and agents of change.

Purusha: Purusha is the knower of the field.

Field means your body, your mind, and whole of nature.

Changes in Field means effects of your thoughts and action which produces either pleasure or pain.

Agents of Change are also called Gunas are the three constituents which force changes to happen in the field.

Three agents of Change are: Tamasic Agent, Rajasic Agent and Sattvic Agent.

Wicked Persons have Tamasic Agent predominant in them

Wealthy and Respected Persons have Rajasic Agent predominant in them

Wise Persons have Sattvic Agent predominant.

The Supremed Lord says that you are basically not the agent of change. Your personality is made up of what you think and act but your thoughts and action are driven by the agents of change operating with you.The Supreme Lord says you simply need to identify the agent of change operating within you and learn to disassociate yourself from it and consequently you wont be compelled and driven by the qualities of that agent.

Know yourself to be the Purusha.You are the self and you are the non agent.You are not prakarti, you are the purusha: the soul and the spirit.

Creation is basically a combination of two entities: One which is subject to change(Prakarti) and one which is not subject to change (Purusha). Creation happens when Prakarti and Purusha Unite.Hold on to Purusha and break free from Prakarti.

You can break free from Prakarti in multiple ways as:

  1. Understand you are not your Thoughts: Thinking is not a necessity, you have to think only when you need something specific to be actioned upon.Remember you are responsible for your thoughts but you are not your thoughts.
  2. Understand you are not your experiences: Root cause of all pleasure and pain associated in this universe is caused as a result of associating with three agents of change.Purusha never participates in experiences but is only a sole observer;Prakarti participates in experiences. You have to equip yourself to observe your past experiences and not rush to relate yourself to them. Just observe and choose. Know that you are the You are the Purusha and you are complete. Your thoughts and experiences can never bother you if you do not relate to the three agents of change.
  3. Understand you are not your current circumstances as well: Train yourself to disassociate from thoughts which make you feel incomplete and relate to that aspect within you which is complete.What makes you feel broke are your current thoughts, experiences and current circumstances which are influenced largely by tamasic agent operating within you.
  4. Understand you can get in touch with your real original nature right now: The goal of human life is to find unity. To reach the goal of unity you need to be inspired by Yoga.Yoga will help you to transcend your association with the three agents of change.

Inspired from the Secret of Bhagavad Gita by Sri Vishwanath.

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