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You must have heard the term Karma Yogi almost everywhere. People saying to you: I m a Karma Yogi and you should try to become a Karma Yogi and all.

First of all, I am just a novice in the field of spirituality and whatever I am writing here are just my personal thoughts and  observations only and may not be in  coherence with so many people out there

Ok, let me get back to discussion point of Karma Yogi. Ultimately Yoga means the method which helps us to achieve union with the Supreme Soul, in other words, it helps us to achieve God-communion, God-Realization or Self Realization. Karma means activity, action, work. So simply put Karma Yoga means realizing God, Self with activity, actions or work. Our scriptures prescribe work done without desiring the fruitive results or work done with a detachment to end results and Karma Yogi is one who is able to do it and finally, reach level wherein his Karmic baggage is nullified or is zero with actions performed without desiring the end results. So far so good, but is it that really straightforward and simple? I am afraid no, it is extremely difficult.

You may think that I am doing a particular work without desiring the end result but still unintentionally this feeling or desire of appropriate end result creeps in. Self-realization or God-realization happens when no Ego remains and even if there is a trace of Ego then that is a harmless Ego like that of a child. It is extremely difficult to reach a level wherein there is no trace of I or Me did it while following the path of Karma Yoga. That is why it is extremely difficult to have self or god realization being a Karma Yogi. Bhakti Yoga is probably the simplest and easiest way to self-realization in this Kali Yuga.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

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  1. Nice info, I am similar to you when it comes to yoga. I have been reading about it since few years and have been practicing pranayams and Shambhavi Kriya by Sadhguru. I would like to add a few of things, may be you can dig deeper into it:
    1) The different path or type of yoga i.e. Karma yoga, bhakti yoga etc are not exclusive. All of them r needed for one to realize. The proportion may wary but one would all of it.

    2) Bhakti yoga is difficult for most in today’s age cos it requires absolute surrender to the divine and that is very very difficult when we too much importance is given to logic and more people can think for themselves compared to few centuries ago. We need to be at the level of Meerabai or Narsinh Mehta.

    3) you can explore the concept of Sanchit and prarabdh karma, i have mentioned a bit about it in my first blog. From what I have gathered Karma is built up based on the intentions rather than actions. In each life we get a set of Prarabdh karma which is a subset of the all / Sanchit karma and when that prarabdh karma is exhausted we die. That way we can take a few births and finish of the total Sanchit karma and get moksha, only its not that easy. The reason is in each birth we keep on accumulating new and new karma and so we may add up more karma then what we exhausted for that birth. So the karma yoga the way I look at it is that you r in full awareness and do the actions that r required in that situation and dont have any other intentions which will build up karma.

    4) you can refer the autobiography of a yogi by Yogananda Paramhansa, its his story in which he mentored that his guru Sri Yukteshwar Giri has done the calculations and as per that the kalyug has ended and we are in the next one, I guess dwaparyug. I guess it’s towards the later part / end of the book. 🙏🏻

    1. You are right in a way wherein you can have combination of Yoga, Shankarcharya recommended Jnana Yoga, Ramanuj and Ramakrishna recommended Bhakti Yoga wherein Abhinavgupta recommended Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga,having right intent is there in the mind but without action or activity on that intent I can’t gather,we are always in a state of doing karmas with intent or without intent and earth is a perfect place wherein you create fresh karmas to balance or nullify previous karmas,anyways this topic can go on for ages but I personally don’t find surrender to God that too difficult if you really love God and have a longing from the heart for God and you can laugh as well as weep for God

      1. Surrendering to god or full devotion to god depends of ur basic prakriti… its very very difficult to me.. I have always believed in some supreme consciousness or god whatever u want to call but I never felt any special thing for our gods or in temple. So for people like me its very difficult.

        Check out the below blog which has the story in yogiclore about the 4 paths of yoga and how its not just one or other


  2. Yes i have read about Kriya Yoga being popularized by Paramhansa Yogananda particularly,yes you are right it all depends on your prakriti,I chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and I derive ultimate peace from that and brings me closer to my intuitive level,I believe whatever path you may choose end result remains the same and whichever path is correct is an individual choice,at the end of the day everyone has an individual and one to one relationship with God,this was interesting,good night

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