Assumption:Human Body is like a Machine

I believe Human Body is like a Machine and God is the Operator and Body works exactly like that.

Human Brain works 24 hours a day and is occupied with thoughts positive or negative all the time however practically speaking no one(neither the machine nor the body) wants to work 24 hours a day like a machine because continuous working takes a toll on your body like it is a case for a machine. However how will a body relax and be calm, by just continuously engaging  with the thoughts and making it more tired or just doing the opposite be thoughtless and be relaxed and calmer. Normally during day time and even during nights(dream state) we are always engaged with thoughts   whether positive or negative .However what about deep sleep state of which we are not aware of , couldn’t this be a thoughtless state of which we are neither aware nor recognize about it anything but when in the morning we wake up after having a deep sleep we know it for sure that something nice has happened to us during those deep sleep hours because we feel much releaxed and rejuvenated.It makes me believe that Deep Sleep State is a thoughtless state, not sure how many takers will be for the same but that is how i feel and that is why wanted to express it.

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I believe in the Power of almighty and believe ultimately everything in this world happens for a purpose, believe False Ego is the primary reason for all the problems in this world

4 thoughts on “Assumption:Human Body is like a Machine

  1. Deep sleep is perhaps the most profound state we can have. Sleep research is now bringing to the fore evidence which indicates that sleep is not just rest, rather a totally different state, maybe important as wakefulness. But you’re absolutely right, in deep sleep, there are no conscious thoughts. Rather, a lot of healing and other stuff.
    You’re intuitively right.
    This is such a thoughtful post. Thank you for this.

      1. Lots of doctoral thesis on Psychiatric study of sleep. In deep sleep which occurs once every 90 min we go into what is called Delta sleep. Frequency 0.5 hz to 4 hz. This is the place where maximum healing takes place. No dreams. But a very powerful state.

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