Heart of the Sadhu?

This earth is the largest thing we see around us, however, larger than earth is the Ocean, and larger than Ocean is the Sky. But Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of GodHead has covered earth, sky and the nether world with one of His feet. And the foot of Vishnu is enshrined in Sadhu’s heart. ThusContinue reading “Heart of the Sadhu?”

Attitude of Jnanis, Bhaktas and Yogis

He who is called Brahman by the Jnanis is known as Atman by the Yogis and as Bhagavan by the Bhaktas. The Jnanis sticking to the path of knowledge always reasons about the Reality, saying, “Not this, not this.” Brahman is neither this nor that. It is neither the universe nor its living beings. ReasoningContinue reading “Attitude of Jnanis, Bhaktas and Yogis”