Quote of the Day

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson


Sallekhana, also known as santhara, samadhi-marana or sanyasana-marana,is a religious vow practised amongst Jains. It is the religious practice of voluntarily fasting to death by gradually reducing the intake of food and liquids.It is viewed in Jainism as the thinning of human passions and the body, and another means of destroying rebirth-influencing karma by withdrawing all physical and mental activities.ItContinue reading “Sallekhana”

Genealogical Synopsis of Universe in a Nut Shell

As per Vedas Brahma was born from the energy of Vishnu. From Brahma were born the four great saints, who are Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat and Sanatan. In our Universe, these four 4 saints are the eldest children of Brahma.Due to asexual birth from the mind of their father alone, they have no mother. Being liberatedContinue reading “Genealogical Synopsis of Universe in a Nut Shell”

Types of Dissolution(Pralayas)

                                   The Vedas list 4 Dissolutions (Pralayas): Nitya Pralaya or Nitya Dissolution: This is the daily dissolution that takes place when we fall into a very deep sleep. Naimittik Pralaya or Naimittik Dissolution: This is the dissolution of all the celestial abodes up to Mahar Lok which happens at the end of Brahma’s one day.Continue reading “Types of Dissolution(Pralayas)”