Meditate Like Christ

When Neem Karoli Baba(Maharaj-ji) was asked by a Canadian Man on how to meditate? Maharaj-ji’s response was : ‘Meditate like Christ.’ After a while Maharaj-ji kept his eyes closed and sat completely still, completely silent. It felt like he’d totally disappeared.It was extraordinarily powerful, as if the whole universe had become silent.Then a tear cameContinue reading “Meditate Like Christ”

Truth and Essence of all Religions

Absolute Truth has always existed before Religion. Every religious scripture is the map which helps one to navigate correctly to the Ultimate Territory which is The Purusha something which is eternal and reaching where there is no cycle of birth and death. The various religious scriptures are maps complete in themselves which can help youContinue reading “Truth and Essence of all Religions”

Agents of Change and Purusha

The Supreme Lord Krishna says that all changes happening within you and in nature are because of agents of change.Lets us get into the details. All living beings are born out of union of Purusha (Self) and Prakarti. Prakarti: Prakarti is the field, the changes in the field and agents of change. Purusha: Purusha isContinue reading “Agents of Change and Purusha”

An Account of the Ten-Days’ Ceremonies for the Dead as per Garuda Puran

Garuḍa said: Tell me, O Keśava, what good results follow from the performance of theten-days’ rite, and who should perform it if there is no son. The Blessed Lord said: Listen, O Târkṣya, and I will tell you about the ten-days’ceremony; having done which, a good son is released from the hereditary debt.The son, takingContinue reading “An Account of the Ten-Days’ Ceremonies for the Dead as per Garuda Puran”