Highest and rarest level of Happiness

Happiness can be classified into four main categories: Tamasic Happiness: This is the pleasure or happiness derived from violence, excessive sleep, narcotics etc. Rajasic Happiness: This is the pleasure or happiness derived from gratification of the five senses and the mind. Sattvic Happiness: This is  the pleasure or happiness experienced through practicing virtues such asContinue reading “Highest and rarest level of Happiness”

Compassion and being Compassionate

Compassion is a feeling of pity, sympathy, and understanding for someone who is suffering. Compassion is helping to relieve another person’s suffering through acts of kindness, caring, and support. It includes empathy for the other person as well. Compassion is being more concerned with the wellbeing of others. It is a skill which many people have forgotten in thisContinue reading “Compassion and being Compassionate”

Thankful to each of my Followers

Today i reached a small milestone of 500 Followers for my Blog and i am quite delighted with that. I wish to thank each and everyone from the core of my Heart who has been following my Blog and have appreciated my Posts. The Journey so far has been quite nice, i have never everContinue reading “Thankful to each of my Followers”

Affirmations to Stay Positive and full of Zeal

“I choose peace”. “I am smart enough to make my own decisions”.  “I will succeed today”. “I deserve to have joy in my life”. “I’m worthy of love”. “My life is a gift and I appreciate everything I have”.   “I’ll surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me”.Continue reading “Affirmations to Stay Positive and full of Zeal”

Teachings of Bhagwan Gopinath

Bhagwan Gopinath (3 July 1898 – 28 May 1968), born Gopinath Bhan, also called Bhagwan Gopinath Ji, was a mystic saint of early 20th century in Kashmir in Northern Part of India. He has been called a jivanmukta (liberated soul) and his spiritual state has been described as Shambhavi avastha (state of Shiva). Contemporary Saints of his times have also called him an Aghoreshwar. It was sometimeContinue reading “Teachings of Bhagwan Gopinath”

Forest Fires and Few Lessons to be Learnt

California survived the largest wildfire in recorded history. We all very well know and this wildfire again proved that Mother Nature’s  fury can easily topple human infrastructure in a moment’s notice. This forest fire made us to realize powerful insights into human nature, our drive to help others, and our lack of infrastructure to handleContinue reading “Forest Fires and Few Lessons to be Learnt”